Papisa -Samama has a fully developed number system based on Roman Numerals:

one ma
five ta
ten sa
fifty pa
hundred mi
five hunded ti
one thousand si

For instance, here's how we translate 22 sasa'mama'
Note how each power is separated by an apostrophe.

How about 123? It's mi'sasa'mamama'

The following link opens a page where you can experiment with numbers in Papisa-samama up to 9,999,999,999. Please note that it only works in Internet Explorer.


Papisa-samama has words for just 3 colours:

Blue tapama
Red  tapata
Yellow tapasi

All colours can be made by mixing these, for instance, indigo may be translated as amtapama-amtapata (i.e., very blue/very red, green may be translated as amtapasi-amtapama, (i.e., very yellow/very blue), and orange may be translated as amtapasi-tapata (i.e., very yellow/red). This colour wheel helps to illustrate the point.

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