English to Papisa-samama 

air, space/ground, earth, land masa/anmasa
alive, life/dead, death mami/ anmami
all/none mata/ namata
also/and mati
animal mama
are ma
as mi
at ta
because pa
back/front anmasi/ masi
but ti
by sa
can/cannot mapa/anmasa
clean, clear/dirty, opaque mapi/anmapi
close/open mima/anmima
come/go mimi/anmimi
could/should/couldn't/shouldn't mita/anmita
deep/shallow patima, anpatima
do/did, didn't misa/anmisa
down (south)/up (north), Vertical surface   misi/anmisi  misi-anmisi
drink, water, wet/dry mipi, anmipi
eat, food mipa
end/beginning antama/tama
every(thing), /none (nothing),  tami/antami (also the in/yang nature)
eye tata
feel/emotion/heart  tasami
feet, legs/hands, arms tati/antati
few/many tasa/antasa
first,/last,  tasi/antasi
flower, plant/tree samama/amsamama
for si
forward, leader/behind, follower tapa/antapa
full/empty mimita/anmimita
get,  take/give tapi/antapi
God, power, energy,heaven, mind/devil tima/antima
good, true, safe/bad, false, dangerous timi/antimi
happy/sad tita/antita
hard/soft,easy antisa/tisa
has/had tisi/antisi
have/have not/had tipa/antipa
he, him,  his,  he, her, hers tipi
hear/ear sama
high/low sami/ansami
home/away  pisama/anpisima
hot, fire/cold, ice sata/ansata
I/my/mine/us sati
in/out sasa/ansasa
is/was sasi/ansasi
it pi
kind/cruel sapa/ansapa
learn,knowledge/wisdom sapi/ansapi
left (east), right (west), horizontal surface sima/ansima, sima-ansima
light/dark simi/ansimi
little, small, narrow, thin/large, big,wide, thick sita/ansita
long, hour/short, minute siti/ansiti
look/see sisa/ansisa
love/hate sisi/ansisi
make/work sipa
male/female/child pama/pamapa/ pamapapa
middle, centre/ edge pami/anpami
might/may pata/anpata
month/year misi/ammisi
more, many/less, few pati/anpati
mountain, nose/valley majata/anmajata
mouth, hole, window, door pasa
move/stationary,still pasi/anpasi
need papi
never/always pima/anpima
new, young/old pimi/anpimi
night/day anpita/pita
noise/quiet piti/anpiti
of  pisa
on/off pisi/anpisi
or pipa
over/under mamita/anmamita
peace, friend/war, foe sapita/ansapita
person, body/people, bodies tasati/amtasati
place tapati
pretty/ugly tamipa/antamipa
put tamima
rich/poor  pipasa/anpipasa
right, true/wrong, false mitama/anmitama
same/different simima/ansimima
see/look mitapa/anmitapa
silly, adornment/serious, integral sipita/ansipita
sleep/awake simita/ansimata
so mapapa
some/many samapa/ansamapa
something/nothing sipami/ansipami
speak/say/said satima
start/finish misima/anmisima
strong/weak tatima/antatima
them/these pipasi
then papa
there, away, far/then/here, near pisata
thing pimita
this/than/that tisipa
this/that tisapi
thought/think/brain/head tasama
time timimi
to/from sipasi/ansipasi
under/over sitimi/ansitimi
we/ours/us mitisi
want, not necessary, need, necessary ansasisa/sasisa
well/ill mimima/anmimima
what/when/where/who satapa
white, glass/black, stone matasa/anmatasa
with/without tipisa/antipisa
word/number papisa/anpapisa
would/wouldn't sisasi/ansisasi
you/your/yours/them simisa

red tapata
yellow tapasi
blue tapama

one ma
five ta
ten sa
fifty pa
hundred mi
five hunded ti
one thousand si

© Paul Freeman (2011) 

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